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Sectra Delivers System for Better MS Diagnostics to Swedish Hospitals

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Healthcare IT news Two Swedish hospitals have invested in Sectra’s software for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The software has been developed by SyntheticMR AB, and will primarily be used to measure the effectiveness of treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS).

The SyMRI™ software is integrated with Sectra PACS, the image management system used by radiology departments in these hospitals, and has been used by the Norrland University Hospital in Umeå in northern Sweden since 2011. Additional hospitals in Skellefteå and Lycksele, and thus the entire Västerbotten County Council, can now improve the quality of their neurological diagnostic testing. The software is unique in that it automatically measures the volume of the brain’s parts. The technology makes it easier to follow the progression of diseases such as MS, and tailor the treatment.

“In Umeå, we use SyMRI for most of our neurological examinations. We would now like to extend this service to more of the county’s patients, particularly our MS patients. The measurements of patients produced by this software are forwarded to the national MS register, to increase knowledge of how this disease progresses,” says Richard Birgander, a neuroradiologist at the Norrland University Hospital.

“Offering our customers clinical applications that are closely integrated with the radiology workflow enables better diagnostics and increases efficiency in the healthcare sector,” says Per Elmhester, Product Manager of Clinical Solutions at Sectra.

SyntheticMR AB is a subsidiary to Accelerator Nordic AB.

About SyMRI

SyMRI enables hospital personnel to drastically reduce the time required for MRI examinations per patient, and increase access to MRI equipment. In addition, tissue can be quantified, identified and its volume determined. MRI examinations have increased steadily since the 1980s. MRI technology is effective in cases involving tumors, aneurysms, examining the condition of such organs as the heart, liver, kidneys and brain, and various soft tissue.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Torbjörn Kronander, President, Sectra Imtec AB, 46 705 23 52 27

Marie Ekström, Executive Vice President, Sectra Medical Systems, + 46 (0)708 23 56 10


Press room:

About Sectra

Sectra develops and sells IT systems and services for radiology, women’s health, orthopaedics and rheumatology. More than 1,400 hospitals, clinics and imaging centers worldwide use the systems daily, together performing over 70 million radiology examinations annually. This makes Sectra one of the world-leading companies within systems for handling digital radiology images. In Scandinavia, Sectra is the market leader with more than 50% of all film-free installations. Sectra’s systems have been installed in North America, Scandinavia and most major countries in Europe and the Far East.

Sectra was founded in 1978 and has its roots in Linköping University in Sweden. The company’s business operation includes cutting-edge products and services within the niche segments of medical systems and secure communication systems. Sectra has offices in 12 countries and operates through partners worldwide. Sales in the 2011/2012 fiscal year totaled SEK 823 million. The Sectra share is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB exchange. For more information, visit

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