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Selkirk and District General Hospital Installs a New Advanced CT System

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Digital radiography news Selkirk and District General Hospital has significantly improved its imaging capabilities with a new CT system. The latter is one of the most advanced CT scanners available in Canada.

Theresa Oswald, Minister of Health, said "This new CT scanner reflects our commitment to bring the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment closer to home. It will enhance and optimize patient care while giving health professionals the tools they need to quickly assess and diagnosis a patient,"

The newly installed CT scanner is supported with a lot of features offering new options such as providing details on the composition of kidney stones. In addition, the scanner generates images with high details while using lower doses of radiation.

Jim Slater, chief executive officer of Diagnostic Services of Manitoba (DSM), said "With so much work being done to reduce radiation dose for patients, it is an exciting time in the imaging field," adding "The new scanner in Selkirk, as well as other recent CT upgrades across the province, have brought these innovations to Manitoba and are contributing to safer scans for patients."

The new CT scanner will significantly improve the imaging services provided to the patients at Selkirk and District General Hospital. Randy Lock, chief executive officer of the Interlake Regional Health Authority, said "Residents of Selkirk and surrounding areas are accessing top notch technology for CT scanning. This is an excellent addition to the diagnostic medicine services that we're offering in the region."

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