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Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Installs a New CT System from Philips

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Digital radiography news Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has recently installed a new CT system from Philips. The new system was donated by the hospital's Friends group to improve its imaging capabilities.

By using the new CT scanner, hospital professionals are expecting that 80% of conventional x-ray scans will be reduced, as patients will go for CT scans instead. The new CT system generates images with high quality, which means less need for repeating imaging procedures. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is now the second facility in the south of England to install Philips’ CT system. There are nearly 30 more hospitals which are looking forward to use Philips’ CT systems as well.

Dr. Frank Jewell, director of radiology, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, said that the hospital used X-ray scans on a limited scale due to the high risk of radiation and the continuous need for repeating of imaging. Thanks to the new CT system, new options are now available for imaging.

Dr. Jewell said "We never perform X-ray examinations unless the likely gain from the procedure offsets the small risk of radiation and we always seek to minimize the quantity of X-rays used. Many thousands of patients will have a CT scan on this machine over the next seven years, so the high cost of this upgrade is justified. We are extremely grateful to the Friends for making this installation possible."

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