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Umea University Hospital Orders SyMRI Diagnostics Solution for Monitoring MS Treatment

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Digital radiography news SyntheticMR AB, a subsidiary to Accelerator Nordic AB, has recently received an order for its MRI software, SyMRI Diagnostics, from Umea University Hospital in Sweden. The order was delivered via SyntheticMR’s partner, Sectra. The MRI software is useful for monitoring the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS).

SyMRI Diagnostics has features that help in measuring brain atrophy. These features also determine brain volume and identify lesions affecting the brain structure. Dr Richard Birgander, Neuroradiologist at Umea University Hospital, said "SyMRI enables us to retrieve accurate values on the patients status that we could not get before" He added "We have analyzed the software's functionality and the results look very good, which has led to a decision to introduce it in regular clinical procedures."

Dr Anders Svenningsson, Neurologist at Umea University Hosptial, said "Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) generally has been about looking at pictures and trying to interpret them. SyMRI finally provides us with objective numbers," adding "My goal is to integrate the SyMRI approach into the Swedish MS register to have more accurate follow-up possibilities for these patients."

Dr Torbjorn Kronander, President of Sectra's medical operations, commented "Offering third-party clinical innovations like SyMRI Diagnostics tightly integrated in our own IT solutions is an important part of our mission to offer our customers ways to improve their efficiency and the quality of care for their patients," SyMRI Diagnostics will be fully integrated in Sectra’s RIS solution that is currently used by Umea University Hospital.

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