Pen Bay Medical Center Receives ACR Accreditation

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Digital radiography newsPen Bay Medical Center's Department of Radiology, the leading regional referral hospital in Midcoast Maine, has recently received accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

Since 1963, the American College of Radiology has been considered among the oldest and most experienced imaging accreditation bodies in the United States, as it administers accreditation programs to determine the quality of imaging facilities. National quality standards are being set by the ACR to continue developing patient care.

The recent commitment is demonstrated by the ACR accreditation of the CT scanner under the name of Pen Bay X-Ray Associates and Pen Bay Medical Center, in order to offer the safest and best possible quality care for the patients of Midcoast Maine. Also, the accreditation process defines the careful utilizing of radiation in the imaging process, making sure that the lowest possible radiation exposure is used to obtain diagnostic images. The accreditation is clarifying that there is a commitment to the national campaign for radiation safety in all patients.

The radiologists of Pen Bay X-Ray Associates and the whole radiology staff of PBMC are so proud to obtain the highest quality images for all patients with the lowest possible radiation exposure. It is expected after hearing the recent news coverage about radiation dose, that patients interested in radiation safety look for facilities that provide the ACR accreditation seals, like the Radiology Department at Pen Bay Medical Center.

One of the latest achievements at the accreditation process at Pen Bay Medical Center is the CT accreditation. This took place in addition to the partnership with the American College of Radiology accreditation of Pen Bay Women's Imaging Digital Mammography service, Maine Mobile MRI service, and the PET/CT service provided by New England Molecular Imaging.

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