You are in PORTALS Digital Radiography Negative Lung Cancer Screening Means Less Intention To Stop Smoking, Study.

Negative Lung Cancer Screening Means Less Intention To Stop Smoking, Study.

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Digital Radiography newsIt has been discovered lately that men who undergo screening and have negative results for lung cancer are not trying to give up smoking more than those predicted to have lung cancer and need follow up, according to a Dutch study.

A US study recommended screening of the lungs of heavy smokers with special type of CT scanner, which can help the detection of the cancer in its early stages and reduce its risk of dying from the disease by 20% better than using the ordinary X-ray.

Lung cancer symptoms can not be identified easily and the disease is difficult to diagnose before spreading.  Lung cancer can be treated by surgery in its early stages. But sometimes the screen gives false diagnosis, which may lead to unneeded subsequent tests and medical procedures.

The study reviewed two groups of smokers, the results for lung cancer were negative to one of them and the other group, when was scanned by CT scan after few months, had positive results as they had small lumps in their lungs that might be scars or tumors.

After two years of follow up, it has been concluded that those predicted to have cancer tried to give up more than the other group, with 1.9 attempts versus 1.5. The researchers found that the more inconclusive test results a patient gets; the more likely he was to be smoke-free. They said, "More research is needed to investigate the opportunities of lung cancer screening in current as well as former smokers to promote health risk-reducing behavior change and to prevent relapses and to investigate what the most cost-effective approach is in this screening population,"

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