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Cone-beam CT Used In Dental Practice Delivers High Radiation Doses, Study.

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Digital radiography news In a recent research, conducted by The New York Times, it was found that dentists are increasingly starting to use a new imaging system, cone-beam CT scanner, that produces highly-detailed images. However, the new system delivers significantly larger doses of radiation than the traditional devices. Cone-beam CT scanner was developed for dental practices. The device offers highly-detailed 3D images of the teeth and oral structures and even the skull itself.

The designers of the new technology mentioned that it was providing a safe solution for orthodontists and oral surgeons to perform their work with more accuracy. Cone-beam CT can also aid them in detecting problems in a much easier way. However, the use of Cone-beam CT scanners has been increasing due to inaccurate information about its safety and efficacy features. It was noted that such information was coming from dentists who were paid or sponsored by manufacturers to give supporting options about the new technology, either in statements, conferences, or in magazines. One of the leading researchers of dental radiation reported that Cone-beam CT scanners were delivering around 4-30 times more radiation than traditional dental X-ray systems.

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