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Iowa Methodist Medical Center Uses Combined CT Interventional Technology From Siemens.

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SomatomIowa Methodist Medical Center, Des Moines, IA, has recently acquired SOMATOM® Definition AS 64-slice CT scanner, from Siemens Healthcare, in order to cope with the increasing flow of imaging procedures that take place at the facility every day. Since the newly-acquired SOMATOM system is supported with a new Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite, it can be used now at the center in both imaging and interventional examinations. The system also will help the Center in conducting these exams with reduced radiation doses and in less time, which will improve the workflow at the facility.

More about Siemens Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite.

Siemens Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite was developed to cope with the increasing need for CT-guided interventional procedures, such as image-guided percutaneous laser disk decompression and vertebroplasty. The Suite is supported with the needed equipment for conducting spiral, sequence and fluoroscopic CT-guided interventions. The system features fully configurable scanning interfaces which allow doctors to adjust the scans according to their needs. Dr. David Lacey, Interventional Radiologist, Iowa Methodist Medical Center and Methodist West Hospital, said "The decision to purchase the SOMATOM Definition AS with the Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite has allowed us to become more competitive in the industry. The convenience of having a scanner that can be used for 3D intervention imaging, as well as general imaging, has not only enhanced the hospital's clinical capabilities, but has also helped us financially and operationally."

Siemens’ Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite is working with the Iowa Methodist's SOMATOM Definition AS64 CT units. The facility carries out around 1-5 interventional procedures daily. Kulin Hemani, vice president, Computed Tomography, Siemens Healthcare, said "With the SOMATOM Definition line and the introduction of the Adaptive 3D Interventional Suite, we made CT-guided procedure the centerpiece of interventional routine. Siemens CT has always been a leader in developing innovations that are focused on providing the highest levels of patient care and comfort and delivering clinical excellence."

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