Cho Ray Hospital Acquiresl A New Angiography System.

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SOMATOM-definition-flash-computertomographCho Ray Hospital has acquired a new innovative scan angiography system. According to Erdal Elver, general director of Siemens, which supplied the equipment, the new system helps in assisting cardiologists and radiologists in diagnosing and treatment of a wide range of neurological and cardiac diseases with greater efficiency and precision.

Elver mentioned that the new angiography system would provide a great benefit to both patients and practitioners concerning streamlining examination, diagnosis and treatment.The angiography system is integrated with syngo DynaCT which is one of kind software that provides CT images at the table side of the angio system. Accordingly, it will facilitate the streamlining of the work flow during the interventional procedures and provide substantial cost-savings and better patient care. Using this advanced technology, patients will not need to move from interventional suites to the CT room while the hygienic environment for patients is ensured.

The SOMATOM Definition AS family which was implemented at Cho Ray Hospital last week is considered the only CT system to adapt with any patient and any clinical need covering Cardiac, Neurology, Oncology, Pediatric, Obesity, and Trauma applications, transforming into whatever physicians need at their request, and helping them to become an expert in any clinical field.It is important to both physicians and patients to use the lowest possible radiation.

SOMATOM Definition AS 64 slice CT scanner offers an exceptional solution that adapts complete dose protection. The new system helps managing dose and deletes clinically irrelevant radiation for every patient.Siemens has provided Cho Ray Hospital with a variety of high quality imaging diagnostic systems which benefits medical workers and doctors regarding examination, diagnosis and treatment. In addition the new equipment will help the hospital in offering a better healthcare for patients.

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