The Latest PET-CT System Is Now Available In Auckland.

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PET_scannersMercy-Ascot hospitals, private healthcare provider in Auckland, New Zealand have recently installed the latest generation of PET-CT scanner at one of its facilities, Epsom hospital. The installation was carried out in cooperation with Sonic, the owner of Diagnostic Medlab, at a total cost of about $6 million. Following the implementation of the new PET-CT system, patients will be no longer in need to go outside the country, usually to Australia, to undergo PET scans. Officials from Mercy-Ascot said that a number of district health boards showed their interest in covering the required costs for their patients to carry out their scans using the new system.

The district health boards refused a proposal from public health sector to purchase PET scanning systems in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, in addition to building a 5 million "cyclotron" laboratory for the production of the radioactive material needed in the scanning procedure. Since the rejection, around 200 patients from New Zealand travel to Australia for undergoing PET scans. The first PET scan in the country was implemented by a private radiology group in Wellington in 2006. The same group is also operating another scanner in Christchurch, and was contributing in the building of a cyclotron facility at Wellington Airport, which aims to eliminate the need for importing the radioactive material required for scans. The main use of PET scanners is in cancer patients, the scans aid in determining the best option for treatment and chose between performing a major surgical intervention or using palliative care. PET scans are also used in detecting several neurological and cardiac disorders. The Health Minister in New Zealand, Tony Ryall, opened the new PET-CT scanner at Mercy-Ascot's facility yesterday. Andrew Wickers, the chief executive of the joint venture, Mercy PET-CT, mentioned that around 1000 patients per year would have their PET scans using the new machine. He said "Patients can avoid unnecessary surgery and benefit from more accurate treatment."

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