Highlands Medical Center Installs A New Aquilion 32 CT System.

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Highlands Medical Center announced that it has installed a new Aquilion 32 CT system from Toshiba. The new CT system will significantly improve medical imaging services ct_scan_deviceprovided by the Center. Derrell Massey, Board chairman, Highlands Medical Center, said “The Jackson County Healthcare Authority Board of Directors approved a half-million dollar project last month to upgrade Highlands Imaging Center’s CT scanner. Highlands previously had a 16 slice CT scanner that was very advanced when it was purchased seven years ago.” CT scanners use X-ray beams and computer software solutions to generate multiple images of internal organs of the body. The technique has been supporting doctors while they diagnose several diseases, as CT offers highly-detailed images of various organs such as bones, internal organs and cardiovascular structures.

More about Highlands Medical Center and Aquilion32 CT system.

Aquilion32 CT system will be used in Highlands Medical Center in emergency room to determine injuries in patients and support doctors for accurate diagnosis. Brenda Lusk, the center’s director, said “Highlands Imaging Center is so thankful to have our new CT system in place, while our previous CT scanner provided good quality images; our newer 32-slice system provides an even clearer image faster.” Moreover, by installing Aquilion, Highlands Medical Center will be able to extend its examination capabilities. As diagnosis will be carried out more rapidly and then patients will be referred for surgery, to receive treatment or they will be discharged from the hospital. Kim Bryant, Highlands CEO, said “Jackson County residents have immediate access to the best CT technology available today. The 32-slice system many prove to be lifesaving technology due to its ability to deliver precise images.”

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