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St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital has recently opened its new Center for Advanced Imaging. The opening was made St._Antonyduring a ribbon-cutting Blessing and Dedication ceremony which was attended by a number of healthcare professionals such as Dan Woods, St. Anthony’s President and CEO; Robin Brown, St. Anthony’s Diagnostic Imaging manager; Ruben Boyajian, M.D., Medical Director of St. Anthony’s Women’s Wellness and Cancer Care Services; Jayasiri Fernando, M.D., Esat Memisoglu, M.D., and Arvind Patel, M.D.

Modalities available at The Center for Advanced Imaging.

The Center for Advanced Imaging includes several high-leveled medical imaging modalities. For instance, the center has a 64-slice CT system, which will be used by St. Anthony’s Hospital to replace an older 16-silce one. The newer system significantly improves CT scanning at the hospital since using systems with higher slice number results in higher detailed images. Another advanced system at the center is a 16-Channel MRI Unit. Previously, MRI scans at St. Anthony’s were conducted using a mobile trailer just outside the hospital. Thus, by installing the new MRI unit at The Center for Advanced Imaging, the hospital will be able to improve both its MR imaging services and patient comfort. The Center for Advanced Imaging has also including a new full-line nuclear medicine camera, which is able to generate highly-detailed nuclear images. Nuclear imaging has proved significant importance in diagnosing several conditions such as Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Moreover, a new digital mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy systems are available at the new imaging center. They will be used mainly by St. Anthony’s Women’s Wellness Services.

Dan Woods, President and CEO, commented “St. Anthony’s new Center for Advanced Imaging represents not just the renovation of the hospital’s Imaging department and new technology.  It represents so much more than that to the residents of this area.  Those who come to St. Anthony’s can be assured that they are getting the most advanced care right here close to home. The new MRI and CT scanner, along with talented physicians and staff, will help accurately identify life-threatening diseases such as cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s at earlier stages, providing hope and saving lives.  The design of this new space will offer dramatically enhanced patient comfort and privacy.  The central location of the Center close to the ER as well as the faster speed of the new CT will allow for faster diagnosis, especially crucial with trauma patients where every minute counts,”

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