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Philips Healthcare And Obeid Specialized Hospital Signs Agreement

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Royal Philips Electronics announced the signing of a contract with Obeid Specialized Hospital, one of AlliedPhilips Medical Enterprises Limited Company network of Hospitals, located in the heart of the capital city of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. They agreed that Philips supplies imaging equipment to Obeid Specialized Hospital, including:

Mobile C-Arm BV Libra - High quality fluoroscopy system for all routine surgical imaging applications that is designed to handle all routine procedures. HD15 Ultrasound, which provides physicians with better imaging and workflow performance in a cost-effective system. Panorama High Field Open Magnetic Resonance (HFO MR) - its wide-open design provides high image quality, large field of view and broad coverage of clinical applications. in addition to MX 16-slice CT scanner, which represents a compact system designed to ensure high quality imaging, patient after patient, time after time.

Philips also is to provide Brilliance CT 64-channel scanner, a system that delivers image quality, dose efficiency and rapid reconstruction times as it is built on innovative Essence technology. It can expand clinical boundaries in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma, and pediatric imaging. Allura CV20 - this mixed use X-ray system has the flexibility to handle a wide range of mainstream diagnostic and interventional procedures in the cardiac, radiology and electrophysiology domains. The compact design enables clinicians to perform steep projections on standard and oversized patients during cardiac procedures, as well as perform diverse vascular procedures with the full head-to-toe coverage.

Philips healthcare solutions focus on both the patients and care providers in the care cycle. Through combining insights and clinical expertise, the company aim to improve patient outcomes while lowering the burden on the healthcare system", said Diederik Zeven - Senior Director and General Manager of Philips Healthcare in the Middle East. Dr. Mohammed Omar Arnous - General Manager of Obeid Specialized Hospital commented, "Since the hospital has been established, we continuously look for the latest and affordable high quality healthcare solutions in order to get the most effective diagnosis results. With Philips' solutions installed, we foresee such results while yet keeping the processes simplified, providing the patients with a better and positive overall experience."

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