MTMC Installs A New MRI Unit

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The new Middle Tennessee Medical Center (MTMC) announced that it has installed recently a 26,000 pound, $2 million GE_MRImagnet, which is the core component of a new MRI unit in the hospital.  The magnet is the GE Healthcare Signa® MR750 3.0T, it is the only one in Rutherford County, and is representing the most advanced in the market. It is going to provide radiologists with powerful applications for improved clinical capability.

Britt Mioton, MD, FACC, a cardiologist with Saint Thomas Heart at MTMC, said “The cardiac software available on the 3T MRI allows us to make an earlier diagnosis, which results in sooner treatment, increasing the chances of a positive outcome,” The GE Healthcare Signa MR750 magnet provides up to 60% additional anatomical coverage and resolution unit per time. The system also permits up to five times extra imaging performance in comparison to previous generations, proving the outcome of advanced application development. Moreover, the MRI unit is going to be a part of one of the most comprehensive imaging equipment capabilities in the Middle Tennessee area. The improved capabilities include digital radiography, nuclear medicine suites with dual detectors, 4D ultrasound, 64 slice CT scanner supported with dose reduction software, and 3T MRI unit provided with mammography and cardiac software.

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