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GE Healthcare Highlights Its New Optima CT660 System In Germany

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GE Healthcare, major company providing healthcare products, announced that it has launched its Optima GECT660. The new system is an all-round computed tomography (CT) device; it can be used with all applications that generate extremely lower doses of radiation. Moreover, Optima CT660 is economical with electricity and is significantly cost-effective. It was designed especially to be used in clinics and general hospitals. GE Healthcare is presenting the new 64-slice CT scanner for the first time in Europe at the German Congress of Radiology.

One of the most important aspects in CT imaging is to produce high quality images of the inside of the body while, at the same time, try to minimize the radiation doses that the patient is exposed to. In order to meet such a need, GE presented its new Discovery CT750 HD. GE was able to develop the new system in Germany last year, producing a system featuring  high-details and lower-dose CT system. Discovery CT750 HD provides ultra-precise information of the smallest structures. Several important technologies were used from the Discovery 750HD platform while developing the Optima CT660. For instance, using ASiR low-dose technology, the Optima CT660 is capable of lowering X-ray radiation exposure by up to 40% in comparison to conventional rear projection. Another example is the innovative energy concept that lowers energy consumption by up to 60% in comparison to previous generations of equipment.

GE Healthcare CT Manager for Germany, Christian Kistner, said “We are delighted to be able to unveil the Optima CT660 Scanner for the first time at a European congress here in Berlin. Optima CT660 is the new CT platform from GE that provides answers to the key challenges in healthcare. The system is the all-rounder for all clinical investigations, including difficult cardio CT investigations. It offers outstanding image quality, cuts the radiation dose on all applications, uses significantly less electricity, has a very small footprint of just 18 m2 and is extremely economical.”

Among the other features included in the Optima CT660, is that the system is supplied with GE Healthcare’s first color 12-inch monitor. The new monitor allows patients to be introduced into the scanner much easier, while the scanner operation has been enhanced for the medical staff. Kistner said “GE is the first CT provider able to offer ASiR low-dose technology across its entire CT portfolio,” he added “The great thing about ASiR is that it is the only iterative process to use raw data, enabling loss-free dose reduction. The iterative reconstruction is regarded as the gold standard among all technical and physical measures available for dose reduction, and taking into account the image quality, it will definitely shape the technology of the future.”

Strategic Product Manager for CT at GE Healthcare EMEA, Valerie Brissart, commented “This is the first CT scanner built around ASiR technology to bring the latest innovations to the door of every imaging department in a very compact size. The Optima CT660 offers advantages for everyone involved: The patient, by reducing the radiation dose by up to 40% compared to conventional rear projection, advantages for medical technology assistants by simplifying the design and workflow in an intelligent way, advantages for clinicians by offering sophisticated applications and not least advantages for our planet by reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 60%. I’m very proud that we at GE have been able to turn our customers’ pioneering visions into reality in this product”

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