Philips And Electron To Cooperate In Russia

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Royal Philips Electronics, and Electron, a major medical equipment manufacturer in Russia, announced electronthat they have signed a partnership aiming to develop and produce innovative products to cover to the needs of healthcare market in Russia. The partnership is concentrating mainly on the designing innovative computed tomography (CT) products. The launch of the first produced CT scanner is going to take place this year. Moreover, the partnership is expecting to produce other healthcare products in the future such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, X-ray, and ultrasound systems. The production of such system will be carried out at production sites of Electron in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The new partnership between Philips and Electron is representing a unique collaboration in healthcare market in Russia. The two companies are going to combine efforts during all levels of the development processes, starting with joint development of new technologies, identifying and covering the needs of the national healthcare system, in addition to building technology base to aid while conducting clinical research and training programs for doctors in using recent technologies. Moreover, the partnership will reduce the load and cost of importing medical equipment on the Russian economy, Philips-Electron partnership expects to supply healthcare market in Russia with 51% of its needs of high technology medical equipment within three years.

CEO for Philips Healthcare in Emerging Markets, Ronald de Jong, commented on the new partnership, hephilips said "For Philips this unique partnership with Electron is a next step in executing on our Emerging Markets strategy for our healthcare sector," he added "Modernization of the healthcare system of Russia requires a comprehensive and highly sophisticated approach. Philips and Electron will support the modernization of the healthcare system at technology, economy and even strategy levels by bringing in Philips' global expertise and local innovation-development potential to serve the real needs of the Russian healthcare system." While Alexander Elinson, CEO of Electron, welcomed the new partnership saying that "We hope that the success of our cooperation in this innovative partnership will stimulate the development of similar initiatives in all segments of the national healthcare industry and beyond, bringing real value to all stake holders, from business and government, to healthcare professionals and all Russian citizens."

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