UAE Doctors Fixes Aorta Without Surgery

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aorta repairTawam Hospital's Doctors in Al Ain have saved the life of a 13-year old road accident victim by using a technique that avoided potentially lethal surgery.

The  Emirati victim suffered several injuries to his chest, including a tear in his aorta. In order to repair the aorta, which acts as the main conductor of blood between the heart and organs, would certainly involve a high-risk surgery.

Dr Mohamed Hamdan, chief of Pediatric Cardiology, and Dr Ayman Saleh, chief of Radiology" href="/tag/Interventional-Radiology.html">Interventional Radiology used a rare procedure never before practiced in the UAE, to close the tear without operating.

Dr Hamdan said We went in through a small opening in the groin vessels to reach the damaged area.... We then put a specially designed stent (a platinum frame, coated with 24K gold) covered with a special tissue into the damaged area to close the tear, and stop the blood from leaking outside the vessel wall,he added.

UAE Tawam Hospital reports the patient condition and describes it as being in an excellent condition.

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