You are in Religare Technologies Introduces India’s First Free Healthcare Assistance Service

Religare Technologies Introduces India’s First Free Healthcare Assistance Service

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healthcare IT newsReligare Technologies, a leading Indian company in healthcare technology, announced today the launch of HealthLine 24x7, India’s first, free, phone-based and web-based healthcare information assistance service.

HealthLine 24x7 is a Health Information Helpline and Assistance platform that offers 24x7x365, identical, yet complementary service over two channels; voice media through phone at 33006666 (landline or mobile) and digital media through the internet on

Providing people with reliable, relevant and in-depth health information, HealthLine24x7 is loaded with comprehensive knowledge and exhaustive intelligent SCES (Search, Compare, Evaluate and Select) platform. This is a unique platform that enables the customer to Search for the right information, Compare the available options, Evaluate all possible alternatives and finally Select the best option.

"HealthLine 24x7” is useful in providing information about diseases, its symptoms, possible and alternate treatments, medicines and their probable side effects,and most importantly, it helps in identifying the right specialist in and around any given locality. Using this service, well informed Indian citizens will be able to make right health care choices.

“Although India’s healthcare sector has entered into a high growth trajectory; we still have miles to go in terms of reaching out to customers in the remotest places of India. There is not any convenient means for people to know, understand and opt for the medical facility that best suit their needs. HealthLine 24x7 provides a perfect fit towards achieving this cause. It allows people to access our information bank and health assistants/experts at any given point in time through our website as well as our number," commented Pankaj Vaish, President in Religare Technologies.

He further added: “We are witnessing a gradual change in the behavioral pattern of people in India, wherein more and more people in the country prefer quicker and convenient means of having their queries addressed, thus emphasizing on the importance of IT and software solutions to optimize and increase the effectiveness of healthcare services in India. HealthLine 24x7 is one-stop shop for all healthcare information needs. We are confident that we’ll be able to address existing gaps in the system and establish ourselves as a leader in this domain.”

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