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Tunstall’s Telehealth Improves Halthcare Services at The Halton and St Helens

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Telehealth newsThe Halton and St Helens Division of Bridgewater Community Health Services has recently announced the success of a telehealth project. The later was taking place for 12 months and it included cooperation with Tunstall and Sefton Careline. The telehealth project helped in reducing the number of hospital admissions, which means reducing costs of healthcare services.

Statistics show that during the 12 months of the telehealth project, 104 patients were involved. The project helped in achieving marked cost reductions. It also decreased hospital admissions by almost 30%. Meanwhile, patients provided encouraging feedbacks in regards to telehealth. Nearly 85% of the patients said it helped them in better understanding of their health issues. 79% of the patients said they had more satisfaction with the healthcare service they received.

"Deploying the telehealth system for community-based care enabled us to empower patients, reduce anxiety, and promote independence, improving overall quality of life." said Mike Ore, Head of Service Delivery at the Halton and St Helens' Division of Bridgewater Community Health Services. He continued "Telehealth also educates patients to be aware of their symptoms and how to proactively manage them, reducing part of the pressure on healthcare providers. This can be seen as an excellent example of innovative partnership work being undertaken by Community Health Services and Sefton Careline."

"The deployment of telehealth in Halton and St Helens continues to deliver significant cost savings and support to people across the area." said David Cockayne, Health and Social Care Director for Tunstall. He added "Telehealth provides a vital service to patients with long-term conditions, and the excellent leadership by the community health provider and commissioning teams has proven key to its success in delivering a truly first-class service that improves quality of life and helps to maintain independence."

During the project, 60 Tunstall telehealth units were used to monitor patients with chronic conditions, namely Heart Failure, COPD and Stroke. On daily basis, patients were to provide details about their blood pressure, oxygen levels, weight and temperature. They were also to answer few inquiries related to health.

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