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ACSE means Association Control Service Element, defined by OSI, which is used by DICOM to negotiate an Association. The

Communication Environment for HL7

HL7 conceptually operates at the seventh level of the ISO model for Open System Interconnection (OSI). Since the OSI pro

Communication Profiles

DICOM conformance statements are the specifications of the DICOM capabilities and features of a particular product, pres

Configuration Management

DICOM requires fixed IP addresses and configuring AE Titles at each individual device. Dynamic addressing as is used for

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DICOM requires fixed IP addresses and the configuration of AE Titles at each individual device. Dynamic addressing


Encrypting information using industry standard mechanisms has been part of DICOM since 1999. Exchanging DICOM images usi


System integration, between DICOM compatible devices as well as DICOM and HL7 compliant devices, is critical to accommod

Hex Editors

Getting DICOM compatible equipment to interoperate seamlessly can be a problem at times. When troubleshooting DICOM conn


PING is a command found in UNIX and in MS-DOS. On a UNIX workstation you can open a command window and type ping followe


DICOM Verification requires that a device shall be able to verify the existence and state of its configured destinations

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