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Basic Annotation Box SOP Class

The Annotation Box SOP Class is used to print a line of text on the top or bottom of a sheet of film produced by a DICOM

Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP Class

The Basic Print Image Overlay SOP Class allows text to be sent to a DICOM-compliant printer separately from the image pi

Digital X-ray Storage SOP Classes

A new set of Storage SOP Classes has been defined for supporting digital detector technology, such as Computerized Radio

Meta SOP Class

A Meta SOP Class is a set of SOP classes for a DICOM service that can be negotiated and supported as a complete set. Met

Print Job SOP Class

The Print Job SOP Class allows a SCU to check the status of a DICOM-compliant printer.  This SOP Class is needed be

Secondary Capture SOP Class

Secondary Capture SOP Classes are used when the primary capture was already performed. One can consider these "deri

Service Object Pair (SOP Class)

A class defines a certain functionality consisting of a combination of a Service and an Object, which make up the Pair &

SOP Class

A SOP Class is defined as a combination of one or more DICOM Service Element (DIMSE), which are commands, and an Object,

Abstract Syntax

In DICOM, an Abstract Syntax is a set of rules that are negotiated for exchanging objects. The Abstract Syntax identifie

Application Profiles

Application profiles are critical for accommodating compatibility among exchange media such as CD.The DICOM standar

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