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PING is a command found in UNIX and in MS-DOS. On a UNIX workstation you can open a command window and type ping followe

Application Profiles

Application profiles are critical for accommodating compatibility among exchange media such as CD.The DICOM standar

CAD Mammography

Templates are a critical part of DICOM Structured Reports (SR); they create order for the infinite number of possible st


CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture (previously also known as PRA -Patient Record Architecture, which is part


GSDF is the acronym for Grayscale Standard Display Function.  This is used to specify the response of monitors and


CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture, which is specified in the HL7 domain. It functions as a longitudinal


Codes or controlled terminology is essential to communicate concepts and entities in a manner that leaves no guessing.CP


DICOM specifies a standard for storing images and other composite objects on media such as a CD or DVD for the purpose o

Display Standard

Ever since the early days of PACS, scientists have been calling for a display standard to deal with image display consis


LUT is the acronym for Look Up Table.  This is a table with x and y coordinates used to map data into an other doma

These signals are relayed buying clomid online safe which then is by a number of such as medial preoptic and paraventricular nulcei.