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Acquisition Modality

In the context of medical imaging, a modality is device or system that generates images of the internals of the human bo


A large set of DICOM objects are defined in the standard to contain the information that is exchanged using DICOM messag

Information Object Definition (IOD)

Service-Object-Pair (SOP) Classes and SCU/SCP are terms that define the DICOM services and their role, either client or

speech recognition

A speech recognition system converts the spoken word into computer input (such as text).  Unlike a dictation system

Speech Recognition

The turnaround time for diagnostic reporting is critical.  Integration of reporting and speech recognition with the

Workflow (definition)

As stated by the Workflow Management Coalition, workflow is: "the computerized facilitation or automation of a busi


The ACR (American College of Radiology) is the group that initiated DICOM standardization in the form of the ACR-NEMA st


ACR-NEMA is the original name of what is today called the DICOM standard. The ACR-NEMA standard was developed jointly by


ACSE means Association Control Service Element, defined by OSI, which is used by DICOM to negotiate an Association. The

AE Title

AE Title or AET is an abbreviation for Application Entity Title.  An AE Title is used by an Application Entity

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