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An RFP (Request for Proposal) is a document that invites vendors to submit competing proposals to provide a product or s


Run-length encoding (RLE) is a simple form of lossless data compression.  While other compression methods


A certain region of interest (ROI) can be traced by the user and a histogram i.e., graph showing the distribution of the


Rotate/Flip:  These features are often required for CR, whereby an image plate might contain an image that is acqui


A router is a device that forwards packets (units of data combined with a destination address) between two or more compu


A remote service center (RSC) is a vendor facility which provides remote diagnostics for devices. It is highly reco

Role Reversal

DICOM Storage Commitment is a key part of Image Management because it shifts the responsibility for maintaining and stor


An RT (Radiologic Technologist) is a medical professional that performs diagnostic imaging exams or that administers rad

RT Dose

In DICOM, the Radiotherapy (RT) Dose object addresses the requirements for transferring dose distributions calculated by

RT Plan

In DICOM, the Radiotherapy (RT) Plan object addresses the requirements for transferring radiation therapy plans between

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