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A DICOM SOP class is a combination of a DICOM service command (DIMSE) and an information object. DICOM services cover tw

Display Formats

The Print Configuration service allows a device to determine the capabilities of a printer and reduce manual maintenance

Display Standard

Ever since the early days of PACS, scientists have been calling for a display standard to deal with image display consis

Displayable Reports (DRPT)

The Displayable Reports (DRPT) integration profile is part of the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework.This profile s


A domain is an IHE interest group that develops standards-based solutions for communication and integration issues in a


DR (Digital Radiography) is an x-ray imaging technology using direct capture detectors rather than film or CR plates.DR


DICOM specifies a standard for storing images and other composite objects on media such as a CD or DVD for the purpose o

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DICOM requires fixed IP addresses and the configuration of AE Titles at each individual device. Dynamic addressing

Abstract Syntax

In DICOM, an Abstract Syntax is a set of rules that are negotiated for exchanging objects. The Abstract Syntax identifie

Access Control

Technical safeguards deal with the implementation of the security measures in the infrastructure, such as the network, t

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