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DICOM specifies a standard for storing images and other composite objects on media such as a CD or DVD for the purpose o

DICOM Messages

A DICOM message can be visualized as a stream of data elements, where each element is made up of four data fields: eleme

DICOM Print Management Service

The DICOM Print Management Service Class replaces point-to-point print implementations and supports true network printin

DICOM Print Services

When a hardcopy film needs to be generated for a physician or another institution, one can use DICOM Print. The DICOM Pr

DICOM Storage Commitment

DICOM Storage Commitment (STC) is a key part of Image Management because it shifts the responsibility for maintaining an


The DICOMDIR file is part of the storage model defined for physical media DICOMDIR is a directory structure defined by D


A dose value histogram (DVH) is used in radiation therapy (RT) for radiation dose calculations.

dictation system

In radiology, a dictation system is one method used to record a radiologist's findings in a report.  In workflo

Digital Signature

Integrity is addressed by the DICOM standard through the definition of digital signatures. A digital signature is a bit

Digital X-ray Storage SOP Classes

A new set of Storage SOP Classes has been defined for supporting digital detector technology, such as Computerized Radio

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