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One can implement HIPAA in a proprietary manner or use standards, in particular DICOM, and the profile definitions as de

Basic Annotation Box SOP Class

The Annotation Box SOP Class is used to print a line of text on the top or bottom of a sheet of film produced by a DICOM

Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP Class

The Basic Print Image Overlay SOP Class allows text to be sent to a DICOM-compliant printer separately from the image pi

Big Endian

Big Endian is a form of byte ordering in which the least significant byte in a sequence is stored last.


The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is a medical society composed of board-certified pathologists, and is th

CCHIT (Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology)

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is an EHR product certification organization.


The CCR (continuity of care record) is a specific implementation of an EHR (electronic health record) developed by the A


CE stands for Covered Entity.  It is the HIPAA term used to identify organizations subject to its regulation, in pa


One of the four categories for security implementation is confidentiality.  Confidentiality:  After getting ac

CPIMS (Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems)

CPIMS (Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems) is a credentialing program for healthcar

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