Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE)

The Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE) Integration Profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.

This profile addresses the need to select images, series or studies (which may also contain key image notes, reports, evidence documents and presentation states) that need to be exported for teaching files or clinical trials.

It defines an actor for making the export selection, which would typically be grouped with an Image Display or Acquisition Modality, and an actor for processing the selection, which is required to support a configurable means of de-identifying the exported instances. Additional options are provided for de-identification of pixel data, remapping of identifiers to pseudonymous values, export of additional teaching file information, and delaying export for a variety of reasons.

Source: IHE Radiology Technical Framework Supplement 2004-2005: Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE)

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