Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing-b (XDS.b)

The Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing-b (XDS.b) Integration Profile is part if the IHE IT Infrastructure technical framework.

This new profile accomplishes the following:

  • Updates the XDS Web Services implementation to SOAP 1.2
  • Updates the XDS transactions to use ebXML Registry 3.0 metadata
  • Updates the Provide and Register Document Set "on-line" mode transaction to use MTOM instead of the legacy SOAP with Attachments (SwA) mechanism
  • Defines a new transaction which provides an MTOM binding for the XDS Retrieve Document transaction (new transaction now named "Retrieve Document Set")
  • Updates the IHE XDS Registry Stored Query transaction to be consistent with the other XDS.b transactions. The Registry Stored Query transaction is the same in XDS.a and XDS.b
  • Provides informative Web Services Description Language (WSDL) contracts for all the required IHE XDS.b Transactions and WSDL fragments for the options
  • References the new Patient Identity Feed HL7v3 [ITI-44] transaction in addition to the existing Patient Identity Feed [ITI-8] transaction based on HL7v2.

The XDS.b Integration Profile is the basis for IHE work in the area of security (see XUA Supplement) and Cross Community communication (see XCA Supplement).

Source: IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement 2007-2008: Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing-b (XDS.b)

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