Retrieve ECG for Display (ECG)

The Retrieve ECG for Display (ECG) integration profile is part of the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework.

This profile specifies a mechanism for broad access throughout the enterprise to electrocardiogram (ECG) documents for review purposes. The ECG documents may include “diagnostic quality” waveforms, measurements and interpretations. This Integration Profile allows the display of this information without requiring specialized cardiology software or workstations, but with general purpose computer applications such as a Web browser.

This profile is intended primarily for retrieving resting 12-lead ECGs, but may also retrieve ECG waveforms gathered during stress, Holter, and other diagnostic tests. This profile only addresses ECGs that are already stored in an information system. It does not address the process of ordering, acquiring, storing, or interpreting the ECGs.

Source: IHE Cardiology Technical Framework rev 2.1.

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