NM Image (NM) Integration Profile

The NM Image (NM) integration profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.

This profile specifies how Acquisition Modalities and workstations should store NM Images and how Image Displays should retrieve and make use of them. It defines the basic display capabilities Image Displays are expected to provide, and also how result screens, both static and dynamic, such as those created by NM Cardiac Processing Packages, should be stored using DICOM objects that can be displayed on general purpose Image Display systems.

The NM Image Profile can be enhanced by combining it with other workflow profiles such as Scheduled Workflow, Post-Processing Workflow and Reporting Workflow which address how to schedule, manage and report the status of the steps in which NM Image objects are created.

Note that the NM Image profile is undergoing revision, and vendors considering implementation  are advised to include the modifications contained in the trial implementation version "NM Image Profile with Cardiac Option".

Source: IHE Radiology Technical Framework rev 8.

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