Reporting Workflow Integration Profile (RWF)

The Reporting Workflow (RWF) integration profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework. 

This profile addresses the need to schedule and track the status of the various reporting tasks. Reporting tasks include interpretation, dictation, transcription, verification, comparison, revision, and coding. Workitems for each of these tasks are generated and can be queried from worklists. Workitems can be claimed. The resulting intermediate and final statuses can be returned from the system performing the work to the system managing the work.  The system managing the work also makes the status available for other interested systems in the enterprise.

The output of the Reporting Workflow Profile is defined to be information encoded as DICOM SR objects. The details for creation, storage, query/retrieve and encoding are described by the Simple Image and Numeric Report (SINR) profile. The Reporting Workflow integration profile is a continuation of the Scheduled Workflow (SWF) profile.

Source:  IHE Radiology Technical Framework rev 8.


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