True Size Printing

When printing an image that is acquired by a CR system or from a film digitizer, it should be noted that the image will not always fit exactly. Most laser printers cannot write to the border of the film, resulting in a workable area of approximately. 13.5x16.5 inches on a 14x17 sheet. The same applies for the other sizes, such as 8x10. The impact is that is that the actual 14x17 inch imagewill either have to be cropped or minified. Depending on the application, both options should be available, since one may be more critical than the other, given the user’s preferences.

True size printing is an important feature that provides the ability to crop or minify the image as needed. The optional Requested Image Size attribute of the SCU and SCP provides this capability because it allows exactly the pixel size to be specified in mm, therefore eliminating potential minification.

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