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IPSec (short for Internet protocol security) is a set of a Layer-3 protocols used for secure communication over the Inte


JND is the acronym for Just Noticeable Differences.  This is the measure used to identify human visual perception.


JPEG is the acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group.  JPEG specifies the compression methods standardized by I


A local area network (LAN) is group of interconnected computers and devices (such as printers) that can share informatio


LAT (lateral) is a common imaging position where the side of the anatomy being imaged (usually the chest) is positi


DICOM services cover two worlds, the composite world (C) with its associated objects and services, such as images, and t

Composite Commands

A DICOM SOP class is a combination of a DICOM service command (DIMSE) and an information object, or a Service Object Pai


The DICOM Presentation Context consists of the Abstract Syntax (what information is exchanged) and Transfer Syntax (how


LCD is the acronym for Liquid Crystal Display.  LCD is flat panel display technology. It uses a back-light which is

Little Endian

Little Endian is a form of byte ordering in which the least significant byte in a sequence is stored first. In DICOM, al

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