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Low Infection Rates With Ultrasound-guided Procedures.

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Ultrasound_imageAccording to a new study, the occurrence of infection after ultrasound-guided procedures is very low. The study included reviewing several types of these procedures such as fine-needle aspiration and thoracentesis, which involves needle draining of fluids from the thoracic cavity. The study is going to appear in the October issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology. Ultrasound is one of the major medical imaging techniques that uses sound waves to generate images of the internal organs. The technique is preferred due to its high safety profile, especially for pregnant women and children.

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John M. Knudsen, MD, lead author of the study, said "Ultrasound-guided procedures are safe, effective and accurate in that they utilize real-time imaging and do not use potentially harmful radiation. Given the large number of ultrasound-guided procedures performed annually at our institution and the lack of extensive literature on the incidence of infection after an ultrasound-guided intervention, we decided to conduct a large study to supply data that can be used to better inform patients for consent," The study took place at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It involved reviewing 13,534 ultrasound-guided procedures that were carried out during a two-year time. Dr. Knudsen commented "Of the 13,534 procedures, there were only 14 procedure-related infections: 11 were likely related to the procedure and three, possibly related," The reported infections during the ultrasound-guided procedures included four bloodstream infections, four cases of peritonitis, five abscesses in addition to one urinary tract infection. Dr. Knudsen concluded "We found that the incidence of a serious infection after ultrasound-guided intervention is low. Nearly all patients with an infectious complication improved on antibiotics alone. Radiologists can use these data to provide more accurate information to patients when asking for consent before procedures and to reassure their patients,"


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MRI Imaging Could Possibly Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

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According to recent findings, an image comparable in shape of a Swallow's tail has been identified as a new and accurate test for Parkinson's disease. The image, which depicts the healthy state of a group of cells in the sub-region of the human brain, was singled out using 3T MRI scanning technology, standard equipment...

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Claron Awarded CE Mark for NilRead Diagnostic Zero-Footprint Medical Image Viewer

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Opens European Headquarters March 3, 2014, Toronto — Claron Technology, the leader in universal medical imaging viewers, announces that it has been awarded the CE mark for its NilRead zero-footprint viewer for the diagnostic interpretation of medical images . Coinciding with this, Claron has opened European headquarters in Hasselt, Belgiu...
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