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20 years old female w/ a left pelvic mass; negative beta-HCG
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Same entity, but in a different patient Findings? DDx?
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Ovarian Dermoid Tumor (Cystic Teratoma)
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  • Benign, 10-15% of all ovarian neoplasms. May contain skin, hair, teeth.
  • Typically detected in young women, 2nd-3rd decades; soft to palpation
  • ”Tip of Iceberg“ sign—absorption of most of the US beam at the top of the mass
  • DDX – Remember “PIE-D”: pregnancy, infection, endometrioma, dermoid; could also include hemorrhagic cyst because of the fluid-fluid level

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  • This image shows “Tip of Iceberg” sign most clearly
  • Remember that Endometrioma is in the DDx for a pelvic fluid/fluid level in a female
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