Multiple rib fractures both posterior and lateral
Metaphyseal corner fractures (6) in humerus and ulna
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Septated, mixed attenuation, layering subdural hematomas with R parietal skull fracture.
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Leptomeningeal Cyst
Diastasis of a fracture results in bulging of the meninges
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Battered Child Syndrome
Radiologic Signs
  • Bones ā€“ metaphyseal corner fractures, multiple fractures of varying ages, skull fractures, posterior rib fractures, 3 sā€™s scapula/spinous process/sternum fractures
  • CNS ā€“ subdurals of varying ages, DAI, retinal hemorrhage
  • Abdomen ā€“ duodenal hematoma, pancreatitis, visceral trauma, retroperitoneal bleed
These signals are relayed buying clomid online safe which then is by a number of such as medial preoptic and paraventricular nulcei.