One of the primary focus of Health Imaging Hub is spreading free knowledge and education to medical imaging professionals, technologists, radiologists, PACS Administrators, Healthcare IT support staff and hospital management.  We are gradually increasing the course base and the variety as we go. Currently we are offering Radiology Case of the Day, Radiology Teaching Files and commercial E-books available for free reading exclusively on the hub.

We providing Education through our E-learning platform (link to Online University) and by providing unique cases in medical imaging field and through ebooks.  Daily Radiology Case is different from Radiology teaching file in the sense that case presentation is in DICOM format using our web-based DICOM Viewer. This makes its more interactive learning experience for radiologists, residents and medical imaging professionals where they can reconstruct the image and see the case with more details for their learning. Radiology Teaching Files are prepared for residents who want to learn and prepare for the exams. You will find daily files under all subcategories.

Currently, we are featuring E-Book written by PACS Guru, Herman Oosterwijk with the title “PACS Fundamentals”, a best seller in PACS domain and an excellent source of PACS information for both newbies and advanced PACS users. The book is available online and can be purchased in hard-cover, but we are providing it free for online reading to our valued visitors.

We are always looking for more resources in our Education section and would be happy to have your feedback on the present material and your suggestion on other topics/areas you would want us to bring knowledge to you as well. Please send us your feedback using our online form or email us at with your valued suggestions. We hope you will like this section and will come back to find regular updated educational material.

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