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Health 2.0 Conference, from healthcare IT perspective: By Mohamed

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Health 2.0 Europe revealed the increasing attention of European countries in healthcare IT. The conference took place at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris this April. The event had three major aspects to discuss, which were the online search and content, patient and provider communities, and the consumer self-management tools.

Moreover, the conference highlighted the governmental role in spreading the ideas, reviewed during the event, to healthcare communities including hospitals, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals providers. The event had leading speakers from several countries in the continent, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. Further more, based on the importance of the event, several major healthcare companies offered sponsorship, such as Pfizer, LEEM, Orange, Akamai, RAPP, Bayer, UCB, and LEEM.

Among the topics discussed at Heath 2.0, was the governmental review of national health information systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Personal Health Records (PHR) and their contributions in improving the level of healthcare services delivered to citizens.

Back to the three major aspects highlighted at the beginning of the conference; Search & Content, the role of search technology in relation with government programs that provide the main sources of healthcare information was discussed at length, with case studies and researches presented by major healthcare online portals such as MedWorm from UK, Health On the Net Foundation from Switzerland, Organized Wisdom from the United States and Webicina from Hungary.

Moving to the second aspect, Patients and Online Communities, international phenomena of online patient communities and their stages of advance, along with their roles and effects on healthcare services in several countries were discussed. Among the contributing names are from Italy, ACOR from the United States, and iWantGreatCare from UK.

Third and the final aspect, the self-management tools were discussed in Health 2.0. It is still a point of debate in the United States regarding tools that offer patients some sophisticated information about medications and treatments similar, if not more, than their physicians. Several speakers highlighted this issue including Isabelle Adenot from French National Order of Pharmacists France, Roy Schoenberg, American Well from the United States, and Sabine Donnai from Imperative Health UK.

Finally, it is a fact that Health 2.0 was a great chance for healthcare members, even from outside the European continent, to exchange new ideas and shared experience aiming to cope with the accelerating rhythm of development in the healthcare industry.

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