Shanghai Medical & Healthcare Tourism Conference Report

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April 2 to 4,2013, Shanghai Medical & Healthcare Tourism Conference  held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center,sponsored by the Shanghai International Medical Exchange Center, attracted a large number of medical institutions exhibitors to promote communication and cooperation between the medical industry organizations and  jointly plan the development of the medical tourism industry.Shanghai Medical & Healthcare Tourism Conference

Medical tourism is based on a rebound health care services in the price among different countries and regions, to transnational migratory medical practices.

In fact, medical tourism in foreign countries flourish. McKinsey  Company data shows that in 2004 the global medical tourism industry development scale of 400 billion, in 2012 the medical tourism industry scale would reach 100 billion, an annual growth rate of 10% -15%, and will continue to grow. Germany, Hungary, Singapore, India, Thailand and other countries have already benefited from  the medical tourism.

Medical tourism is an important part of high-end medical industry, how to plan to develop medical tourism industry in shanghai? In fact, the policy of Shanghai in recent years is changed and dedicated to open the door, and laid the foundation for the development of the medical tourism industry.

In February 2012, the Shanghai municipal government issued a "the Shanghai medical institutions set planning (2011-2015)". "Plan" put forward to further develop Private capital to open hosiptals, focus on improving the quality and scale of the social construction of promoting multiculturalism medical pattern formed to accelerate the development of modern medical services, underlines the level of medical and specialty mode. Then in May, the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau and other departments jointly issued a number of opinions "on the promotion of the construction and development of medical institutions in the city's International Medical Zone. "Opinions" adhere to the development of high-end medical services, International Medical Park to promote the high-end, special medical services as the starting point, vigorously develop modern medical services.

on the eve of the healthcare tourism conference, praised the industry's massive "Shanghai 28" announcement. Further promote the development of the city's social medical institutions on the implementation of views "28 measures to promote the development of the social construction of. Which proposed to the Shanghai International Medical Zone and Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center as the main platform to encourage and attract social capital in various forms organized with a certain scale, with advanced technology, quality service and advanced management features of high-end medical institutions and characteristics of specialist medical institutions.

Shanghai Medical & Healthcare Tourism ConferenceOn the medical health tourism conference, Ministry of health is also clearly stated the Shanghai International Medical Park, Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center as two core platform, the development of international tourism medical and other high-end medical. "Our way of thinking is very clear and positioning on the market, high-end, international, intensive  to construct Shanghai International Medical Zone and Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center." Deputy inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, Shanghai Medical Reform Office deputy director –Mr Xu su says.

Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center, medical tourism is the center of one of the core industries. Mr xu su said in future the centre of core industries included disease treatment, international telemedicine, medical tourism, disease prevention, health rehabilitation.

"Vice executive president Jiquan Lou from Shanghai Pudong Institute for Health Development said following the right path for the development of medical tourism, medical tourism planning and implementation path divided into three stages: the first stageis to do the market demand research and resources promotion, packaging, design, travel medical products. The second stage is the development of medical tourism supporting policies and facilities to train professional reception team. The third stage is to establish the medical tourism industry development fund and the relevant laws and regulations and norms.

Turning to medical institutions, service quality and the current situation, committee member of the State Council Expert Advisory Committee and JCI China Chief Officer--- Professor Zhiwu Fang believes that should improve the quality of medical institutions with international standards, professional hospital management is the key. Insiders pointed out that no mature, internationally recognized hospitals qualification will affect China's medical tourism industry to attract overseas patients.

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