Primary Healthcare Conference In Oman, Special Report

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Healthcare service is one of the most continuously changing fields. New trends, procedures and applications are oman_healthemerging every day, including combining other technologies with healthcare services for improved outcome, such as the role of information technology (IT) in enhancing healthcare services, and the use of sophisticated techniques in order to produce high quality images allowing further understanding of previously unclear mechanisms.

In order to cope with these changes, Crown Plaza hotel, based in Sohar, Oman, hosted the primary health conference.  The conference was the 5th national conference and 8th Gulf Conference to be held; it was launched by the Health Minster in Oman, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi and took place for two days. The conference was organized by the directorate-General of Health Services in the Northern Batinah Region. It was carried out under the theme "Orienting primary healthcare to cope with the needs of patients and the community.” Several attendants from Oman, GCC countries and UK joined the conference. Discussions were mainly focusing on the recent challenges facing the enhancement of healthcare services, in addition to the strategies and policies carried out to involve society, individuals, government, and private sectors in order to build a partnership targeting the elevation of healthcare service levels.

Moreover, the conference was aiming to meet the international approach to reform primary healthcare services according to environmental and social changes. In addition to extending and organizing the healthcare services delivered to the community, according to the requirements and expectations of its citizens. Ideas were shared between healthcare experts in the gulf area and worldwide, since the conference provided a perfect chance to share experience between the participated audiences.  

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