OsiriX Produces A New iPad Application For Viewing Medical Images

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Healthcare IT is one of the high-advancing markets currently, the combination between recent technologies OsiriXand healthcare solutions produced advantages that are currently improving the levels of healthcare services delivered to patients. Most of healthcare IT products focus on allowing patients to manage and control their health status independently, in addition to provide new options for doctors.

Among these solutions are healthcare applications for iPad which are providing new benefits for both doctors and their patients. For instance, Osirix designed an application that is providing users to view DICOM compatible medical images at high resolutions. The application is easy-to-use as when a user want to review a series of images, he will simply press on its thumbnail icon, it will be loaded and will appear in the database with a bluish viewer icon, so the series will be much easier to locate. Moreover, since OsiriX application is a DICOM compliant device, all images transfers are carried out following DICOM protocol. The application is simply representing another option that shows clearly what the continuos advances in healthcare IT market are able to provide.

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