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Radiology Technologist Malpractice Payments Are Rare.

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role-radiologic-technologist-200X200Radiology technologist malpractice payments are rare, as proved by a new study published in the September issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR). The study, entitled “Stability and Infrequency of Radiologic Technologist Malpractice Payments: An Analysis of the National Practitioner Data Bank” followed a retrospective approach to search for malpractice payment data from the National Practitioner Data Bank starting from1991 up to 2008.

Among the investigated duration, only 155 technologist-related malpractice payments were found in those years, nationally. The median payment paid was $57,500, with the lowest payment only $750; while the highest payment was over eleven million dollars. This may be due to state physician malpractice legislation, more than half the payments were cases in just 8 states, with Louisiana and New Jersey at the top the list. The authors, Duszak, Jr. Berlin; and Ellenbogen, finally concluded that while the malpractice payments on behalf of technologists are rare, less than nine cases a year, the relative stability may be partly due to “deep pocket” shielding by hospitals and radiologists.