New ink markers for mammography produced by IZI

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Mammograms procedures are usually accompanied with reference markers. They are commonly used IZIand they are formed of round BBs or wires, aiming to assist technologists in marking areas of concern on the breast such as moles, scars, masses, or nipples. However, these markers sometimes interfere with the quality of the produced images, creating artifacts that are affecting the overall quality of the images and lead to questionable results.

IZI Medical Products presented its new flat maker. This marker offers eliminate questionable results yet still produce useful reference points for technologists and radiologists. The Mammography Indicator Markers are available in two forms, pink radiolucent ink and black radiopaque ink. The pink ink markers are available in circles 12mm, dots 3.17mm, and lines 3.3mm. They appear radiolucent on a scan and do not affect imaging of the underlying pathology. While the black ink markers, appear radiopaque on the scans, are available in crosses 3.17mm, dots 3.17mm, and lines 3.3mm. All of the markers have other useful features such as being easy to use, lead free, and disposable.

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