New Cardiac CT Method Developed for Advanced Image Quality

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Virginia TechVirginia Tech and GE Global Research Center developes new cardiac computed tomography (CT) architectures and methods. This new CT method includes a newly patented approach to a challenge in local CT image reconstruction (Patent 7,697,658 "Interior Tomography and Instant Tomography by Reconstruction from Truncated Limited-angle Projection Data").

In addition, the researchers will evaluate the performance of various cardiac CT system designs in order to indicate the most promising designs and demonstrate their clinical feasibility and utility.

The research aims to capture the beating heart and algorithms or computations that can present the most exact images from X-ray projections. Ge Wang, the Pritchard Professor and director of the Biomedical Imaging Division of the Virginia Tech "Cardiac CT technology needs major improvements to capture a fast beating heart with better clarity at lower risk."

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