A new KLAS report discusses the increasing use of ultrasound in healthcare industry

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According to a recent report, made be KLAS, ultrasound is a device that is showing huge development sonarand continuos improving. The report also added that its use is being increasingly favored in healthcare industry. It is a fact that imaging quality and costs are factors affecting the selection of certain a system. However, the researchers noted that healthcare providers, in a wide range, are seeking units that offer easier mobility, dependability, and a user-friendly design.

The researchers collected opinions from the more than 200 respondents, including sonographers and radiologists; they reported that overall image quality was a point of comparison between vendors. Yet, they added that penetration power was the only main imaging differentiating between devices. Emily Crane, KLAS Research Director and study author, mentioned that the reason for the change in ultrasound users demands from imaging quality to mobility and reliability, is that the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic and treatment device is significantly increasing in hospitals. She said “These machines are being pushed all over hospitals, if you’re a good ultrasound machine, you’re getting [used by everybody],” She pointed to the fact that ultrasound machines are currently applied almost the same inside and outside radiology department.

Crane added that the reason ultrasound is currently applied more and more in healthcare industry is because “it’s so functional” and it is regarded as a “safer” modality. Moreover, Crane said that she had met with healthcare executives that are finding new applications for ultrasound devices. However, Crane concluded that despite all the marketing for 3D and 4D ultrasound systems, they are still less selected by users according to the opinions collected from respondents.

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