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ICT For Health

ICT For Health

53 Ahmed Kasem Goda, Abbas El Akkad, Naser City

Cairo, Egypt

Contact Info

ICT For Health


ICT for Health is a pioneer PACS Training, Teleradiology and Health Imaging Management Company in the Middle East with complete portfolio of Healthcare Technology Training, Solutions & Services. ICT for Health concentrates on improving radiology departments in the hospitals, using our on demand PACS Solution and state of the art teleradiology setup. Our document workflow management solution helps streamline patient electronic medical records. Dictation & transcription then can be managed online


Company Overview

ICT For Health is a result of passion of experienced healthcare IT professionals following the increasing demand of  Information and Communication Technology for Health. Each ICT for Health member brings decades of experience to the company utilizing local implementation experience to advanced technology solutions already incorporated in developed countries, like teleradiology, medical transcription, & health imaging solutions.

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