Why Social Workers are Important Especially During the Holiday Season

Social workers play an important role in health care and it is sadly often one that is undervalued and underestimated.  This is usually because people don’t understand what being a social worker entails and it has received the added stigma of being the reason families are separated or why there is an increased number of children awaiting adoption.

But these are the negative aspects of the job that get reported in the media and the positive things that social workers do on a daily basis often get overlooked.  Social workers are particularly important during the holiday season when people are faced with the grief of losing a loved one or deprived families are unable to enjoy the festivities because they can’t afford to eat.

What Do Social Workers Do?

Social workers are employed by mental health clinics, hospitals and child welfare and human service agencies to name just a few.  Their main aim is to work with people who are struggling with day-to-day life for a variety of reasons and help these people solve and cope with the obstacles they face.

Social workers are often based on the front line and can be witness to difficult situations.  They might be required to help a family in extreme poverty or children who have been victim to abuse and violence.  Many professional social workers hold qualifications such as a masters in social work online and have had years of intense training which has provided them with the skills needed to remain calm and not let these situations affect them.  However, a professional social worker will come away from these experiences with the knowledge that they have instigated a positive change for the people in need of help.

Why Are They So Important?

Social workers are of particular importance in hospitals.  A social worker is based in a hospital to help patients and their families work through any difficulties which can’t be tackled from a medical point of view.  Although they cannot care for a patient medically like that of a doctor or nurse, they are able to help alleviate stress and offer support for patients and their families.  For instance, a social worker will help them to understand an illness, cope with the emotions of a diagnosis and provide support during decision making processes.

An Industry that Needs More People

Changes within the US healthcare system are further supporting the need for more social workers.  There are more people using the healthcare system now than there were half a decade ago, which means hospitals are calling out for social workers to help with care coordination and follow-up.  If you are considering embarking on an online MSW, now is a great time to do it and with institutions like Rutgers Online offering brilliant quality programs there are more flexible options than ever before.

To know that you have made a huge difference to someone’s life and that you have the opportunity to be an advocate for positive change is one of the best reasons to get into a career in social work, and right now there’s never been a better time to give it a go.

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