RSNA 2010 and the Media Responsibility


Health Imaging Hub went live in June 2010 at annual SIIM meeting. Since then the Hub is promoting prominent healthcare events as a media partner with conference organizers, with SIIM 2010 being the first one. Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting – is just around the corner and lots of activities going on in medical imaging community to promote their products, learn the technology, preparing for scientific papers presentation, and with all this, the media coverage for the is becoming more and more important.

Health Imaging Hub is participating this year, for the first time, as registered press coverage during RSNA annual meeting 2010. The huge responsibility of media is on our shoulders and we are very careful in selecting and presenting the relevant, authentic and worthy-of-reading information to our readers. Hub is presenting a full section on the RSNA 2010 including salient press releases, embargoes articles that will be released at certain timings during the RSNA, RSNA multimedia/videos, articles and updated news.

Jonathan Batchelor will be presenting Hub as our consulting editor this year and we have organized a number of special sittings with prominent vendors, luminaries, and technologist that will be broadcasted during the conference as a part of RSNA live coverage. Having said that, I still feel that media responsibility during the RSNA or any other healthcare meeting for that matter, is a huge responsibility and needs to be carried out very carefully. Media can get biased sometimes due to technology biasness, personal relationships, sales benefit, political influence, marketing strategy of the media company and so many other factors. However, we have settled that with us since the inception of the Hub that we are going to take extra care in presenting ourselves as a transparent media company. The sole purpose of whatever we bring to our readers is to bring forward the truth, technology and scientific advances in medical imaging in a clear, professional way.

RSNA 2010 will be in full swing in couple of days and there is a lot of competition being observed among different vendors which is a good sign and necessity is always the mother of invention. We expect during this RSNA 2010, more technology advances, better scientific approach to the patient care and less radiation exposure practices in health imaging field. Stay tuned with us live from from Nov 28 till Dec 3 and keep refreshing our RSNA 2010 Homepage for updated information, news and commentary. As always, any comments, feedback from our valued readers is much appreciated (

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