Radiology Sets Sights on Next Decade

The first decade of the new millennium has been a time of turbulence and triumph for diagnostic imaging. Turbulence has come through a slew of technological development—the introduction of double- then triple-digit slice CT, dual-detector CT, PET/CT and now PET/MRI, PACS as a luxury and now a necessity, super-high strength magnets, CAD, image post processing, and many more—that has fundamentally changed the practice of medicine. Triumph has come through the application of this new technology by clinicians dedicated to delivering the best possible care to patients.

Where were once viewed by some physicians as the men and women who hung out in dark rooms staring at fuzzy pictures, they are now seen by the majority of their colleagues as an integral part of the clinical continuum. Their expertise and insight guides diagnosis, intervention, and treatment for physician specialists across the spectrum of care.

As leaders in the introduction and deployment of high-end technology to medical care, radiologists are able to exercise a leadership role in developing best-practice guidelines for the utilization of these tools in the practice of medicine.

The theme of leadership has been woven through many of the thousands of presentations, posters, and plenary lectures delivered at the 2010 RSNA. The Society is urging its professional members and guests throughout the world to take the lead in their institutions and practice in both dose reduction and appropriate utilization of the incredible tools and technology for diagnostic imaging.

As RSNA president Hedvig Hricak, M.D., Ph.D., noted—the radiologic specialties must evolve as the science of medicine evolves.

“This takes courage, vision, imagination, drive, and love for change,” she said. “These attributes have always characterized our profession, and I hope that this annual meeting, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, will help our imagination soar to even greater heights.”

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Jonathan Batchelor, Consulting Editor

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